Google_say doorbell, alarm syren and pa system

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Hi! I am a very beginner I am sure I am overlooking something.
I am trying to set up an automation (and eventually make it a blueprint) but i am stuck on my GUI (almost) only understanding.
I would like to play different TTS via google_say (i.e “tic toc”; “police is on the way”; “dinner is ready”) on different triggers (xiaomi button; binary sensors if conditions met; trafdri button).
-TTS works (i followed this). I can broadcast messages.
-Tradfri button automations work, i set up additional HA devices to be controlled from it via automations. (Tradfri is connected via zigbe2mqtt)
The goal is to create an alarm, pa and doorbell system in HA; via gui, if i select a speaker device (i.e. google mini), there are no actions available when selecting the trigger for the automation.
I tried following those
but it didn’t help to set-up the first test, the pa part (press tradfri button to announce “dinner is ready”).
thank you for your help!

ok I was on the wrong direction in the initial automation.
instead of selecting action type: device, media_player, I should have selected: call service, then the tt.google_say and input the parameters in the onscreen yaml editor.

Moving this to the correct topic