Google Travel Time API Support

As part of the Google Maps API, Google also provide access to their live travel time data - you give it a source and destination and it’ll give you an expected travel time back.

This would be awesome for automation, as it could dynamically take my current location and based on the estimated time till home, do a number of things such as notify me when I should leave if I want to be home at a given time, or delay a time sensitive event based on the estimate.

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Seems to be a Python interface here:

Time from home to work would be a nice one to have… For both dashboard, and for automation.

PR here:
Any feedback?

Got it working. Looks great! Needs support for name: so users that have embedded sensors.yaml can setup multiple google_travel_time sensors. Created pull request #2024

This was introduced in 0.19 and updated multiple times since to add features.