Google unavailable after upgrade to 0.109.x

Hi @PetrolHead i have moved all the google devices back into my main lan for now as it affected alot of my voice controls :slight_smile: i did have mDNS enabled on the Unifi Controller but it could be something to do with my Managed HP Switch. i’ll have a play again with this in a few weeks/months.

I tried installing a fresh copy of HA with VirtualBox using the VDI image on the download page. Configured the network interface to bridged mode and “allow all” on “promiscuous mode”, tried adding the cast auto-discover but could see my google devices, back on 107, I can connect to all…

Hope someone can help me figure out what’s going on.

I have all my devices on the same LAN.

I had this same problem. All Google Speakers still existed, but their Cast Entities all showed a red icon under the status column stating “Restored”. Test functions didn’t work etc.

I removed the Plex Media Server Add-On (which I wasn’t using) rebooted, and all speakers are reconnected.
There seems to be some incompatibility here, I saw a post above about updating Plex from the Add-on’s, but mine was updated, and a removal solved it.

Alright, I found a fix that worked for me.

I’m running hassio in virtualbox on a win 10 machine with the networking interface set to bridged mode and “allow all” for “promiscuous mode”.

I followed these steps:

The solution is to first disable mDNS in Windows. This has to be done in the registry. As usual, the standard warning applies: editing the registry is not for the faint of heart, and doing it incorrectly can damage your Windows installation beyond repair.

Navigate to the registry key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\DNSClient. If the key does not exist, you may need to create it.

Then add the value EnableMulticast as a REG_DWORD, with the value 0.


Then install (Apple) Bonjour . After this hack, mDNS works as expected.

Here’s the link to where I found a solution:

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This solved my issue. I have a Windows Laptop running VirtualBox and a HASSIO VM. Fixing the Windows Host problem fixed the VM one. The registry key did the trick.

This issue was bugging me for ages, and none of the solutions above were applicable to my own. I run HA on a Raspberry Pi 2vb . My google cast devices kept moving to Unavailable.

In my case, I have a Wireless mesh ( TPLink Decos running in AP mode ) running in 5 and 2.4 Ghz mode.

As soon as I disabled the 5 Ghz mode in the Deco settings, the google cast devices immediately stopped moving to unavailable and have remained stable since I made that change.

I have no idea why this would cause the problem, but my best guess is the devices were connecting to 5Ghz, and it wasn’t stable, or flapping between the two .