Govee Bluetooth Low Energy Mqtt service

Hello, i’m releasing my first Home Assistant project today, It’s made for controlling Govee LED Strips over bluetooth low energy with an Mqtt integration to integrate into Home Assistant.

Motivations: Circumvent the Cloud API rate limit, better reactivity, lack of local API

Tested on Windows, Linux with Govee H6159


I’m open to feedback, contributions!

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Hi - I’m trying to find the best way to control the Govee Bluetooth devices and came across your work.

I’m a bit of a noob for MQTT and could do with a little more help. I’ve installed the prerequisite files but can’t work out (what is probably a simple solution that I’m missing) how to link this up. I’ve added it to configuration but missing how the MQTT summarised links in.

BTW - thanks for this, there is a lot features others aren’t using!