GPSLogger cannot enable component

Hello, I have big problem with this component:

As the instruction says i should launch it by go settings->integration->GPSlogger. But I dont have GPSLogger here. It is not supported? How can I enable it manually? I have for example Geofency Webhook, NEST, MQTT IFTTT and many more but not GPSLOGGER

What i need to do?

You need to be on Home assistant version 0.86.0 higher for this integration


I have the same problem as ozzi91. Cant see the Gpslogger in “Integrations”. I’m on 0.87.1. @ ozzi91 - did you resolve this ?

Not yet, I hope someone will solve this, mby it is not supported now


Got it to work. I think it some problem with Chrome browser. I cleared the cache of browser and it still didnt appear so i checked if it is showing in Firefox and YES. I configured it via Firefox and it showed in Chrome as configured. Now GPSlogger is working.