Group lights don't seems to be working right

I installed the 2022.6.4 and now the Helpers Group Lights isn’t working for my Insteon 2477D switches. It worked before. I tried going back to an earlier version and it still seemed busted. MAYBE it is because I cleared out all Scenes and Schedules out of the Insteon hub while the hub is working with Insteon servers again?

When I click on the toggle for the group, the toggle moves to the new state, a short time goes by and then it goes back to the original state.

I tried to delete the switches in the group and then adding them back in and that didn’t make a difference either.

Anybody else having this trouble and/or a solution?

… time passes …

I have about 6 groups. At least ONE of them does work. Not sure what the difference is. Tis a puzzlement.

The Insteon servers are back on-line (no one knows why or for how long). Maybe that has stuffed up your entity_ids?

Yes, I know “someone” is back and the hub is working again (I think I was the first to post that here). I hope some neer do wells haven’t pounced on the defunct Insteon web service and are putting bad stuff on the hub.

Anyway, MAYBE that is what is goofing it up, but I’m not sure. The hub WAS working. After that, I did 2 things. I installed the latest version of HA (going back to an older version didn’t fix it). And I deleted all the scenes and schedules using the Insteon App. I’m guessing now that the deletions goofed it up. Tomorrow, I’ll try repairing the switches manually and see if that fixes it up.

I got it all working again. I’m guessing my fooling with the “All-Links” is what screwed it up. I have done a number of things since. I tried to delete all the unnecessary links for the device. I factory reset the one switch that seemed to be not responding to the hub anymore. Then I manually unlinked the 2 switches involved and relinked them so each was controller and responder. And I re-added the devices to the hub using the Insteon app. Now they are working.

I also had a probably unrelated problem with my miniremote. So I unlinked the remote from everything. Then I tried operating the miniremote with only HA automations being present. That seemed to go pretty well, although one of the buttons seemed to not be working to operate a switch. I couldn’t spot what was different about that one. So I just restarted HA and now everything seems fixed.