Group of Lights - State Attributes

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first time user here: I configured groups in the groups.yaml, yet I dont see any documentation on how to set the attributes of said group via a scene.

If I check the States from Developer, the groups created show no attributes, yet the individual lights are all rgb.

Am I missing something?

A group only has 2 attributes. A list of entity ids and a friendly name if you gave it one.

An attribute for the whole group makes no sense as each thing in the group can be completely different and in a different state. And often, they will have overlapping attributes that conflict with each other.

Did you create a light group? Or a regular group?

Actually, I’m not sure it makes a difference. A light group does a few extra things with attributes, but I don’t think it exposes them to the attributes list in the group. It uses them to determine if any light is RGB it would provide a color picker, etc.

But I could be wrong.

i tried 2 ways:

  1. groups.yaml like so, but I dont seem to be able to set attributes this way.
    name: Kitchen
      - light.kitchenstove
      - light.kitchenfridge
      - light.kitchencoffee
  1. group in config.yaml, but not available as an entity when i try to add to a scene or automation
  - platform: group
    name: familyroomlights
      - light.familyroomleft
      - light.familyroomright

Light group must be defined in configuration.yaml. group.yaml it’s for regular groups only. Yes… it sucks.
BTW Light group is not the same as group. Someone has explained it a few weeks ago.

Follow the instructions ink that @jocnnor provided to create a light group. The light group has attributes such as brightness etc.

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thanks this worked!!