Group of persons status change not triggering automation

Hi, I have a person group set up like this via YAML:

  name: family
    - person.person1
    - person.person2

The group status changes as expected. I have a card which shows the group status, and it’s “Away” when it should be, and “Home” when it should be.

I have an automation set up to trigger when the group status changes, however it is not working. I’ve tested the automation on it’s own (Using run in the menu), and the automation works, so I know the group and automation work independently, just not working together to trigger.

Here is my automation:

- id: "1671152449833"
  alias: Leaving Home
    Turn all lights off and set climate control to “Away” when the last
    person in the "Family" group leaves home
    - platform: state
      from: "home"
      to: "not_home"
      alias: When the last person in the “Family” group leaves home
  condition: []
    - if:
        - condition: state
          entity_id: input_boolean.guest_mode
          state: "on"
        - service: notify.notify
            title: Leaving Home automations are disabled
            message: Guest Mode is currently active
          alias: "Notifications: Reminder that Guest Mode is on"
       ...all the automation stuff
  mode: single

I’ve also tried the statuses not being in quotation marks, and also tried “home” and “away” instead of “home” and “not_home”, and nothing seems to work.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

try removing the “from: home” line.

it’s possible there may be an intermediate state that will prevent it from going directly from home to not_home.

Ohhh, good idea! Will give this a shot, thanks!

(Gotta wait till my wife is awake and we go to the store to test it out)

@finity I think your solution worked! When i removed the from field, things started working as expected! Thanks!

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