Grouped energy-monitoring smart plugs not showing correct value in Energy Dashboard

HA v2023.12.4 running on Home Assistant Yellow.

I have a bunch of TP-Link Tapo P110 energy-monitoring smart plugs, and have them in the list of “individual devices” within the Energy dashboard. It has become tedious as there are so many of them, so I wanted to group/categorise them for easier viewing in the “Monitor individual devices” section of the Energy dashboard.

What I did:

  1. Settings > Devices > Helpers > Create sensor group.

  2. Added the various entities I wanted to be grouped. For those familiar with the P110, I grouped the “today energy” sensors from each smart plug. I chose “Sum” as the type as I want to add the values.

  3. After creation, I opened the new group in the Helpers list, and it correctly shows the total kWh used for the entire day for all of the devices in the group.

  4. Settings > Dashboard > Energy

  5. I then added this new helper group to the list of individual devices to be tracked.

  6. I repeated steps 1-5 to create two such groups (i.e. kitchen appliances and compute).

I then waited overnight for the energy dashboard to start getting data.

I also have a PowerPal Pro, which provides whole-house energy monitoring. This shows a total of 12kWh used so far today.

However, the compute group is currently showing 8.8kWh so far today, and the kitchen appliances group (everything else in the house) is showing 22kWh so far today.

That is, I know I have only used 12kWh so far today, but the two groups combined are showing about 31kWh used.

If I then go Settings > Devices > Helpers and open each group, their current values are actually more sane (kitchen appliances 6kWh and compute 3kWh, total 9kWh). There is a 3kWh difference between that and what the PowerPal is saying (12kWh), which is easily explained by other appliances not connected to the P110 plugs (three Daikin HVACs, an electric oven in the kitchen, all of which have been used this morning).

TL;DR: the energy dashboard appears to be showing the wrong values of a sensor group.

Any ideas what I might’ve stuffed up please? I have triple-checked everything and as far as I can tell, this should just be working correctly. Is this a bug?

Follow-up question: is it possible to have not one but two of these “monitor individual devices” bar graphs? It would be handy if I could have one for the categories/groups, and another for the individual plugs.

(I posted this in the Facebook group two days ago but only got one reply from someone else experiencing the same issue. Reposting here in hopes someone has a solution.)

Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 11.24.59 am
Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 11.25.08 am

I’m experiencing the same issue: the bar graph on the energy dashboard does not match the entity that it’s linked to. Not mentioned in the above post, I have the following customization applied to each of the Helpers that I’ve set up:

            device_class: energy
            state_class: total_increasing
            meter_period: daily

Any ideas on what I should change to see the expected results on the Energy dashboard?