GU10 Lightbulbs recomendation

Hi there folks,

we just recently lost an other GU10 spot bulb. One of the old Philips that had 6 fluorescent bulbs in it and started with one (or two) to preheat the other 4-5. Took em a year to get to bright. They are really old now. I guess 10 to 15 years. But it was the one before last one on this lamp so now we need replacements. I also want to switch out some cheap LED bulbs that I see flicker or some who do have such a focus that its kind of like a laser in big in an other room. so we need 15 bulbs. Don’t want to end up with trash for lots of money, hence I ask you guys :slight_smile:

GU10 LED spot for 230V, preferably RGB or warm white, switched (on/off) by conventional switch. should restart in last lighting mode. at least until the new config from HA drops in. cloud free if possible, about 5 watts per bulb would be nice. Ive been googleing the past days and my fingers have turned into a Gordian knot, but cant find stuff that wouldnt brake the bank and got good reviews. Dont really care if zwave or zigbee or what ever. So long its not IR, but even this would be doable.

We also need 2 GU10 LED bulbs for 230V that can handle the shelly dimmer 2 in warme white.

what i fear most is buying LED for lots of money and have em die on me right out of warranty.

any ideas would be appreciated. thanks

I have lots of Lifx GU10 bulbs, no issues with them at all. Really happy with them. They work really well with home assistant (you can even change their state when off).

Their wifi signal strength isn’t brilliant but if you have a good network you should be ok.

They are not cheap, but do go on sale regularly.

Ikea Trådfri. Cheap and solid.

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@tom_l thanks for the feedback, from researching LIF-X I found statements that they will need a cloud up-link to work properly bus also support an emergency LAN mode, can you confirm this and what is the limitations with no cloud up-link?

What I also found was the white restore

White Restore*

  1. Flick the wall switch off
  2. Flick the wall switch back on for about 1-2 seconds
  3. Flick the switch off again
  4. Flick the switch back on

but could not find what happens if I just use the dump light switch “normally”?

could I just have HA watch the device state and push the settings every time the bulb comes online?

I would like to mainly use the old light switch and just push the color and dimmer% when I want it changed from HA.


just asked my significant other to bring a gateway and two bulbs when shes there next time.thanks


You add them to your wifi network using the Lifx mobile app, no need to add them to their cloud, then home assistant discovers them. You can then delete the app if you like.

I have no idea what a bus emergency LAN mode is but I’ve never needed it.

That sounds more like the factory reset function. on/off slow five times and it forgets all settings (including wifi) and needs to be set up again.

It works like a normal light. The default power restore mode is “on”. I had a house sitter for 12 months that hated home automation. I turned off all my automations and she just used the switches manually. They are very quick to respond to power resumption.

Yes you could automate that. It will be slow to trigger though. The time for HA to see the state go from unavailable to on could be 10s of seconds.

If you want to use light switches you have two better options:

  1. Install smart switches in detached mode, with the smart light always powered, and automate the smart light. I do this in a few rooms. This means you always have control* from the switch (on/off) and from Home Assistant (on/off/colour/temp/brightness/effects). * if home assistant is running


  1. Install dumb LED bulbs and smart switches or dimmers. I would do more of this knowing what I know now. Colour is rarely used in overhead lights. If you want accent/notification colour install smart bulbs in table lamps that can stay powered.
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