Guide : OpenVPN Access to Home Assistant

@Robbrad yes very much makes sense, thank you for explaining! But with that in mind, would it be possible to make the RPI accessible on nord? So that I can connect to it securely using the same VPN on my phone while accessing HA?

Your proposal technically makes perfect sense, but nord don’t allow you to connect to other devices that also use the vpn

By doing what your saying you’d only secure the Rpis internet traffic.

What’s your reservation on setting up a vpn? Is it security or technical?

I see. My reservation was getting the right solution with the least amount of effort, to avoid taking a longer route. Your guide will be a bit of a challenge for me tbh but I hope I’ll manage with the help of the community in case of issues :smiley:

You could try

I haven’t tried it myself but it is a ready made solution

Thnx, will look into it!

@Robbrad works like a charm! Very easy installation thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

Ok, I have openVPN working, and from my mobile device I can access HomeAssistant using the local address through a web browser. But I can’t get the HomeAssistant App to work through the VPN. I have it working right now by opening a port in my firewall and passing the traffic that way, but I would prefer to use the VPN for it. Also, I would like to use location/proximity for automations. I haven’t set them up yet, but plan to.

For example, I ski almost every weekend in the winter. I have an hour and 20 minute drive each way to the resort. I would like to have my heat reset 1 degree colder for each 10 miles when I’m driving away, and when I’m returning I would like to have it rest 1 degree warmer for each 10 miles when I’m driving towards.

And when I arrive home, which is often after dark, I would like my foyer lights to come on.

Without having the homeassistant app working, and my GPS, I can’t do these automations.

So, what am I missing? How do I get my HomeAssistant mobil app to work through my VPN?

Thanks much

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Unfortunately I don’t speak English so I rely on Google Translate.

following this discussion I come across linguistic and conceptual barriers and I must say that acronyms that I don’t know don’t help me

I explain my situation:

I discovered Home Assistant a couple of days ago

I installed it on a 64-bit Intel miniPC
I see HA on my network
Now I want to access remotely.

My home network has Internet access via LTE service

I understand that a VPN is necessary.

premise: I have a remote server with static IP that I can use as I wish.

How can you access a local server with VPN from a dynamic IP address?
Where should the VPN be installed?
On a local computer or on the remote server?
Are the computer hosting the VPN and the master and the computer with HA the right client?

I understood that the VPN server had to be remote and that the local client with HA connected to it and thus became accessible.

I apologize for such trivial questions, but sometimes in the tutorials I don’t find these steps or at least I don’t understand them due to the translation.