HA and Logitech Harmony - Call services/lights from the remote?

So i’ve been using HA+Logitech Harmony Elite for a while. I can call the activities and actions of Harmony, from HA and it works well.
I also control my philips hue lights through Philips bridge with the remote.
Now i’m thinking of transfering all my bulbs to connect directly to HA with DeConz.
The problem is that, this way the logitech harmony won’t find the light from the regular Philips hue integration.

Is it possible to set the physical buttons of Harmony remote, to call services from HA? or to get an event when a certain button was clicked? this way i’ll be able to turn the lights on and off from the remote, using HA.


Solved with emulated hue. sorry.

I use emulated roku and then added the virtual roku device to the harmony remote and configured some button presses to also press a button on the virtual roku device. This way I can capture the button press in Home Assistant and do whatever I want. E.g. when the pause button is pressed,the livingroom lights go to full brightness and when play is pressed it goes back to the previous brightness.

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I’ve done the same as @Burningstone and used emulated Roku, I have various lights connected, the kettle, 3 blinds, ceiling fan etc. Very handy :slight_smile:

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Is there any reason to prefer Emulated Roku over Emulated Hue?

Emulated hue only enables control for lights, with emulated roku you capture the button oress and then you can basically do anything you want, like call a script,close a curtain etc.

Actually you can use Emulated Hue for anything too, I use the remote now to toggle input_booleans (helpers), and then set them to trigger anything I want from Home Assistant.
So I can also edit and change their functions without having to deal with Harmony’s annoying app :slight_smile:

That’s true, I just don’t like creating input helpers just to trigger something from the remote button presses.

I am trying to figure out how to do exactly this with pause and play. I don’t fully understand how to set up the automation. Can you share?

Did you setup emulated roku and added it to yozr harmony remote?

I documented the procedure here, just let me know if something should be unclear.

Oh, wow this is very good. We have much of the same setup. This should be very helpful. Thanks.

I also posted a blueprint that maps all the button presses to whatever you want in home assistant

I told you how to achieve exactly what you were after rather than these answers in response to the private message you sent but didn’t bother to acknowledge!