HA and Lovelace not reachable after internet connection down or saturated band

Hi, I’ve my HA (Hassio) on Raspi 3 running since last year, on a poor slow ADSL (with just 0,36 Mbps upload).
My setup is lates HA (0.97.2) connected via WiFI to my network, DuckDNS installed.
Every time theADSL upload band is saturated or the internet connection drops, my HA is unreachable from LAN or WAN but it seems alive via local FTP.
The only way to connect to HA is to restart the Raspberry.
Is there nothing else I could do?

You should be able to connect without problems if you use the local IP and port. You’ll still need to use https://, and you’ll have to click past the security warnings as a result.

The other option would be to run a proxy server, and move the SSL there. Then you can connect with http://hassio.local:8123/ internally and with the DuckDNS hostname externally.

No way to connect via LAN IP. HA doesn’t respond to http nor https, but is still alive because I can reach it via FTP or Samba