HA and TV integration

A lot of people write posts about controlling their TV through HA. Smart controlling and various automation tasks are created.

But how about controlling your HA through your TV? Like an interface where you could get your dashboard or HA web page on your big screen and use the remote to navigate through your views and menus.

Most people spend a lot of time in front of the TV. So this could be a very nice feature and make operation of HA easy without starting the app on your phone/tablet or logging into the web GUI on a PC.

I don’t know if its even possible but would be a nice feature :slight_smile:


If your TV had a browser why not just open HA on your TV if that’s what you require? or use HADashboard on your TV browser

That could be one solution and might also work… for some. But my TV is just a little older and is not capable of browsing. Only playing DLNA content. I have an AppleTV 4 though :slight_smile: