HA Backup Restore Migrate

I have some questions regarding backup / restore / migration of settings :

I have two identical HA systems based on a Raspberry Pi 4. (One system being the production system & the other system used as a test system).

As the system grows I feel an urgent need for some backup/restore / migrate :

  1. First of all I want to transfer all my settings from one HA system to the other (a total
    replace / overwrite of the settings on the second Raspberry 4).
    What is the best way of doing this ?? (Not the OS, just all HA settings)

  2. I also want to make a backup of all my settings to an external location (outside the
    Raspberry 4).
    (I have set up a Samba share that I can use, but I need to know what to copy …)

  3. How do I perform a restore of my external settings to my Raspberry 4 ??

IF you are using HA OS or a Supervised install, use snapshots (soon to be called backups) You can create a snapshot on one system and restore it on another, all settings will be copied.

For external backup, see :

Copying your backups to another location

You often need a backup in case your system has crashed. If you only store them on the crashed device, you won’t be able to access them easily. We recommend that you manually copy them from /backup to another machine on occasion. Or even better, create an automation to handle that, or make use of one of the following add-ons:

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Ok great, I will try this, but where are the snapshots stored ??
Are they the .tar files found in the /backup directory ??
If so how do I find the relation between the backup date/time?

Yes, the .tar files in /backup

The file date_time ?