HA, CLOUD, ALEXA and media player volume control

Is it possible to control the volume of a media player over Alexa with cloud integration? The media player in HA is supporting volume control and after expose the device to cloud I can see it as type TV in Alexa. But not sure how to control the volume.

Yes? I use Sonos so that might be cheating.

I think as long as the media_player is visible to Alexa Smart Home it should work.

Maybe my command to control volume is wrong is say “Alexa set Wohnzimmer Receiver to volume 30” but I do not know if it supports that because I only see following in my Alexa app for that device

Mine show up like that too. Maybe because its Sonos it works for me.

You could do it for sure with a custom skill :slight_smile:

Sorry I wasn’t helpful.