HA Cloud Alexa filter include entities not exposed

Hi, I’m running HA 0.100.3 with HA Cloud Alexa integration. I have a list of included entities like this:

        - light.alexa_virtual
        - light.carportspots
        - group.licht
        - group.esstischlicht
        - group.gartenlicht
        - switch.holzlampe
        - switch.gartenspots
        - switch.cp_steckdose
        - script.yamaha_radio_bob_ein
        - script.yamaha_radio_rock_antenne_ein
        - script.yamaha_radio_topfm_ein
        - script.yamaha_receiver_aus
        - script.yamaha_receiver_ein
        - sensor.aussentemp
        - sensor.cpu_temp
        - sensor.garagetor
        - sensor.wassermelder
        - sensor.uptime
        - sensor.internet_online_sensor

Everythings works as expected, except that the last 4 sensors are NOT exposed to Alexa. Are there any limitations on # or type of sensors that can be exposed?

Are you sure that Alexa allows sensors that are not temperature sensors?

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No. Actually that might be the problem.

Thanks petro

I’m not sure either, but that’s the only thing I noticed about your configuration. I recently set up the cloud equivalent and I had to remove all my sensors. Never checked to see if they were only temperature sensors.

It seems that Alexa currently supports motion, temperature and window sensors. But my understanding is this can be extended through skills. So the Home Assistant Alexa Skill is probably limited at the moment?

Maybe, but this sounds like Alexa is limited with her devices. Not too long ago, she couldn’t understand temperature sensors, let alone any sensor. They’ve been adding device capabilitys slowly over the past 3 years. When I first started, the only thing Alexa could do was lights and switches. Now, she’s able to understand a whole plethora of devices.

Extending it through skills is akin to adding a new skill that allows you to say things like "Alexa, ask ‘skill’ to ‘do something with my custom sensor’.

Which is not the same as saying “Alexa, what is the temperature upstairs”.