HA Companion app not working with internal URL

Hi all,

I’ve been having some trouble with the iOS Companion app for home assistant.

When I am on the local wifi and only have the internal URL set in the companion app I get a “NSURLDomainError -1001” (which I can’t find anything on) or it just times out. If I set the external URL it works fine. I can access homeassistant on my PC with https://homeassistant.local:8123 but not on the iPhone - I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

I don’t use DuckDNS and no reverse proxy is in place.

I’m assuming you have DuckDNS set up?

The SSL certificate is for your duckdns URL. So the certificate is not valid for the mdns address (https://xxx.local) or the IP address when using https. As you have SSL set up you cant use http.

Your only option is to use the duckdns address and rely on NAT loopback in your router to recognise that the destination is in your local network. Or to set up a reverse proxy so that you can use http addresses on your internal network.

which (for me) also makes it a lot easier to cast locally