HA Core debian OS rocks!

Hi All,
I have been 4 years playing with HA! I have a big house and I wanted to automate pretty much anything…
I am finally there…
Just wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone who developed and worked on HA framework. I love fact that zwave-js server is in play, this thing just works with pretty much any device. I love the fact that zwavejs2mqtt also works and i can upgrade my firmware on inovelli dimmers and other stuff…
I have two computers both Debian latest, and i do not run any dockers or anything like that.
For me best solution was straight Linux, and pip3, I run 3.9.6 and custom compile build of Python.
Remote web socket works so both instances of HA communicate nicely and on master I can create dash boards for remote and incorporate lower part of the house. I have nabucasa account so out of house experience is just working …

loveLace interface is really good peace of work. Current configuration options are really great in HA.
I mean everything I touch works.
Only beef I have is that documentation is all over the place, and there is so much that needs to updated and some that need to be removed. It is hard sometimes to follow and you need to hoop all over the place to get some understanding of how to do things. For me as Python developer, nodejs and zwave was experience, but I eventually got things down to science.
I have python scripts that keep all the stuff up to date including new versions of Python 3.

This project as far as I am concerned is commercial grade at this point!!
Really great job and it is something to watch all these folks take idea to this level.
Bravo …

Yes, but Home Assistant Container would be more maintainable.

With Core you need to be concerned about keeping on a supported Python version as well as other dependencies. Using container pushes that aspect to the official developers.

Not a problem for me. I like lean and mean and frankly docker or anything else is yet another point of failure.
It is just me, but I like this way and I fought for this to stay as an option.
I am glad that you found your thing.