HA Core does not see my lifx device


I recently moved from supervised HASSIO to the HA Core FreeNAS plugin, but it is not reckoning my Lifx device properly. It says that it found devices and offers me to set up the integration, but then it does not add any device. If I delete the integration to add it again, then it says there are no Lifx devices in the network until I restart HA, and then it offers to add it again, but same results.
It used to work good on my previous supervised install


Hey! I had the same issue, having a read around some docker examples it seems to stem from the truenas machine having it’s own IP and the HA jail having another.

Manually editing my configuration.yaml with the servers ip, port 56700, and my network’s broadcast address and then restarting HA, lifx instantly discovered the bulbs! Hope this helps :slight_smile: