HA disk space issue

Hi there,

My HA is eating disk space last weeks.
My entities logs are written to my NAS, so that could not be the problem.
I installed Grafana with Influx with only 2 entities in it, als stopped these to check if this was the issue, but still i am losing hundreds of MB’s when HA is running.

From the console i see 5,5 G in use but i cannot find what is taking so much space.

Anyone got an idea how i can trace this?

Are you including the media folder in your snapshots?

Are you storing your utility meter readings every microsecond like seems to be the fashion?

One way to see what is using all the space is to have a look inside one of your snapshots with winrar, 7zip or similar.

My snapshot is only 27 MB big

yes i tought about that also, but like i said my database is pointing to an external (NAS) location. I can see in the database that has acutal data, so it is indeed written there.

Ok so that narrows it down to something outside Home Assistant, or something you do not snapshot.

It’s been a while was busy with other things now i have more time again for my HA.

It is still not running stable and my disk space is growing. I need to reboot the system one every two days to clean up some space.

See my screenshot below, can someon point me in the good direction.