HA+Google Home+ Wink= no wink devices

I’m playing around trying to get google home/assistant integrated with HA.

I’ve got it working and can control devices via voice from my phone. But the one device I’d most like to control doesn’t show up.
I have a zwave smart deadbolt connected through a wink hub. I can see and control it via HA… but it is not visible to google home.?

it is auto configured by HA via the standard wink integration and therefore shows up a minute or 2 after HA finishes booting.
I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting HA Cloud thinking it’s only enabling devices that are visible when it connects.
But once I sign back into cloud the connection status is stuck as “disconnected” (loose control of dvices through google home so I know it’s infact not connected.)

Only way of reconnecting is to reboot HASS.
I’ve also tried re-syncing devices… still nothing.

not sure where to go from here.

Anyone else run into this?