HA Green buying or not for third party integration


I’m thinking about to buy HA green which sounds like a solution to me because its plug and play. But Im reading here in the forum and now I’m not sure if this whole HA green is an easy solution for my problem.

I own a multisplit aircon with 3x Vivax Air-conditioner with wifi and 3x hama window sensors with wifi.

As well a switchbot mini hub (waiting for switchbot window sensors).

I want the aircon in each room to shutdown if somebody opens a window with a window sensor.

Right now only the switchbot mini hub works with one air con unit. I was able to map the IR controller of the aircon unit.

But it doesn’t recognise my wifi window sensors from hama. Thats why I ordered switchbot window sensors to check if it works.

Does it make sense to buy a HA green for my scenario?

Checking the forum it looks like there is a lot to configure and it doesn’t sound to me like plug and play. Or is it easy plug and play with the listed integrations only?

I only have a wifi router with usb and LAN and a android smartphone and tablet. so no access to a computer.

I thought I plug the HA green into my LAN port of the router and can manage my devices via HA app on Android but its not that easy right?

thank you in advance for your help!

Back to basics.

HA is a server and is managed from a web browser on a different device. So your tablet will be fine to manage HA on whatever system you choose to run it on. You do not need the app to manage HA.

If you have no access to a PC you could encounter issues where HA will need to be flashed from a PC or Mac. Not sure about HA green maybe someone can confirm it can be reset if needed.

HA green is probably the best solution for your needs but it can involve a good bit of learning to master. It will certainly be capable of managing your situation, and if you do get stuck, just ask here with plenty of detail and you will get the answers you need. If you are not a tinkerer and need a plug and play solution you may find something else more suitable. No doubt many here will suggest an alternative.


I got something like that built for HA.