HA in a Docker container loses ping


I’m running HA in a docker container with homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant image
I realised that when I start the container my Pi starts losing about 25% of ping. Of corse I have connection problem with a lot of sensors too.
I cannot figure out why it is happening.
Have anybody ever faced this problem?


I did some tests.
It looks that is affected the WiFi card only.
I connected eth0 too and sarted pinging both interfaces.
Only wlan0 losses packed whereas eth0 works perfectly.


Sounds normal to me. WiFi is for convenience not stability, speed, or reliability


I suspect to be too much naive :grin: I considered the WiFi connection like the wired one just because it was present on the board.
Anyway, since I passed to wired, all works like a charm.

Thank you