HA - Link HA with external Zigbee Gateway

Hi all !

I’m pretty new with HA. I alreday installed HA + zigbee USB3 dongle successfully. But I also wanna manage “far away” zigbee devices. I have plan to plug one of my old zigbee gateway to my wifi router (approx. 20m away of my main unit).
So wifi is running quite ok but zigbee signal do not follow that’s why I am considering the above solution.

But then I am wondering how to integrate a remote zigbee gateway with the central HA instance …

thx for your help.

Run a rpi with zigbee2mqtt.

Could you elaborate more on your setup?
define “far away”
define “old zigbee gateway”
describe your zigbee devices
is the wifi router 20m away? from where?
what you have tried exactly
describe what you have within those 20m range
is there a way we can visualize your setup?

What Nick suggested above is that you run a RPi with a zigbee usb dongle and with zigbee2mqtt, and the forget about your old zigbee gateway. And I tend to agree. Still there might be other options - give us something we can work with.

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