HA newbie: activating COM1 freeze haos VM

Hello everybody,

I am really new to HA, even if I am long term IT professional.
I would like to manage a Photovoltaic inverter via HA, so to start I installed Virtualbox on a Windows workstation, downloaded haos_ova-7.1.vdi and created a VM as specified.
Well I run the VM as it is, well it works!
If in Virtualbox I configure the Serial Port “COM1” as “Host Device” with path: “COM1”, the VM start booting but after few messages it freezes. The only possibilitiy to is to abruptly Power off the VM.
As the haos_ova is the original one, no change has been applied so I wonder how I can achieve my goal to manage my serial device with HA.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion