HA not completely starting anymore, please help! SOLVED!


since the update to 2024.7.1, I faced the recorder bug, so I disabled the auto_purge as suggested yesterday.
HA worked for more than two years now, but now it’s over.
Some automations are working after starting very slow, but UI only sometimes and not completely.
All the time connection lost, reconnecting. Everything is extremely slow.

Running on VirtualBox 7.0.18 on a Windows Server.

Here’s a path to my log file on google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s8ZIaFiwyd7yEh3ebWy3r1swE4_ozWxV/view?usp=sharing

Please help!
I’ve searched all day, but no luck. I’ve tried to create a new HA VM and to restore a backup, since the original one didn’t start anymore. Thanks to OneDriveBackup, I have the last 10 daily backups on Onedrive.
I restored the file from the day before it died and before I added the auto_purge disabling…

after playing around all day, I found the problem…
It wasn’t HA at all, it was my router.
I tried to ping my machine and my server. All smooth.
When I tried to ping my router, I had 91% packed loss…
After restarting the router (and before I throw it out of the window…), HA worked again as expected…

The symptoms however were strange… it took ages to start HA. Normally it starts within less than one minute. In this case it took about 5-10 minutes for some automations to work. UI, if it comes, disconnects all the time.

I hope this helps nobody, because I hope that nobody has to go through this :slight_smile:

SOLUTION: in my case it was a bug in the current firmware 7.15.x of Mikrotik devices. RSTP Bridge protocol is broken. WinBox->Bridge->Properties->STP->Protocol: none


Interesting, as HA is advertised as a “local” initiative.

Depends on how many ‘cloud’ integrations you have.

HA is a local solution, but:
.) some integrations need access to the internet (e.g. weather forecast)
.) if you want to access it from outside your network, e.g. using the smartphone app, you need to access it using the external address (technical details, like hairpin NAT for internal access is a different story), so if HA can’t access the internet, you can’t connect to the UI.

So HA IS an local initiative, unless you don’t want any internet dependent integration or want to access it from outside your home.
Compared to other home automations, it’s your choice :wink:

I know, but my point is that it must/should work or start WITHOUT internet connection and in your case it did not.