HA on a raspberry server and browser


I hope this question wasnt answered 100 times before. I want to setup HA on a PI. The PI is connected to a 10" Touchscreen. I want to use the PI as sever and manage my smart home devices. So I dont want to use the PI as server only and use the browser on my Iphone or mac. How can I manage this?
I am totally new on HA so please be gentile if this is a dumb question.


You want to use the Container (native Docker) install method. That’s the only install method that’ll allow you to use the local touchscreen.

You can find out if it’s been answered 100 times If you bothered doing a search. If don’t bother searching for stuff on your own, your not going to have fun with HA. Searching is not really optional.

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Thanks for your answer

I have Home Assistant Supervised running on a RPI 4B and am casting to a Google Nest Hub which has a touch screen, but agreed I would not suggest Supervised for a noob unless they want to immediately do a deep dive and have a steep learning curve.

I also should have followed that advice but as a past programmer (on wall street mainly in windows only) I dived in and taught myself linux and python to figure out how to do it - very painful and repetitive to get it right but that worked for me… :slight_smile: