HA on Openwrt

Openwrt is used widely in routers or gateways. Does any one try to install HA on this platform?

Out of interest, why would you want to do this when HA already integrates with OpenWRT?

I don’t quite understand the meaning of “HA already integrates with OpenWRT”. I know that HA can communicate with an openWRT device. But I want to do is installing the HA on a openWRT router. So I do not need buy a raspberry pi.
In that case , my router is not only an access to Internet, but also HA server managing all my smart devices.

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I guess his plan was to use the free ressources of his router to do HA server instead of buying a Rpi to do that :slight_smile:

In my case I have build my own NAS (as i had bad exeperience with both Synology and QNAP) so i bought a micro ATX case where I can put up to 6 Hard Drive and put a ryzen 2600, 16GB of ram and the all running on debian

as this computer is running all days, i put HA on it :slight_smile:
And I plan to have other services on it once my Internet get better (normally i should receive fiber this year)

I get both your responses, I’m just thinking that a router is not usually a powerhouse so installing HA on it may have an impact on the router’s functions. I also have a spare computer that’s on 24/7 as a NAS and CCTV motion analysis, so HA it on that box too.

I agree, the ressources of a router are often calculated for it.
of course people may think => my router’s CPU is sleeping because they don’t use feature like QoS or VPN on it.

i think it could be done, but in that case you need to make sure that there is enought ressource not used and that you never use the feature that you never used before.

Hi,guys. I have got it done.
I use a openWRT router “gl-s1300” of GL-inet. It has a IPQ4029 CPU which is Quad core and 512MB RAM and 8G emmc flash. It seems this router can afford the HA. I have entered the web UI and got the sensor value.
But it has some problems. The component mobile-app and cloud didn’t work. And when I control the Light, it send an error. The log shows that
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/cryptography/hazmat/bindings/openssl/binding.py", line 15, in <module> from cryptography.hazmat.bindings._openssl import ffi, lib ImportError: unknown dlopen() error
Does anyone knows how to solve it ?
The installation process is a bit complicated, I’m trying to simplify it, and later I will write here.

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No No No, your router is a critical piece of your infrastructure and should not be used for this. A router is a router, leave it as such.


I guess someone should tell Mozilla that. They’re working on an OpenWRT build of their IOT Gateway.

It seems like a logical place for that kind of software to run to me.

Why is a home router any more critical than an HA hub?

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BTW What interface is port 8123 open on?

Would you use kitchen sink for toilet or even better, toilet for kitchen sink? I mean, they use same water and pipes go to same place!!
Some things should just remain separated :slight_smile:


Hi, guys. I have got it done.
I install the HA on an OpenWRT router. It seems work well and have no difference with a HA on Raspberry.
I make the installation process into a shell script and push it to the github. https://github.com/YaoSir/HomeAssistantOnOPENWRT
The device I use is GL-S1300 from GL-inet. It has enough storge(8G emmc Flash and 512MB RAM) and CPU capability(Quad core) to run HA.


could run this script on x64 openwrt Router?

it have error when run sript!

What router did you use?
There are many different routers using openwrt. I cannot adapt all the devices. This script I test in GL-s1300 from GL-iNET. It works well.
It seems that your device lack some library. Try to install libffi before you run this script.

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I wrote a detail description for install HA on OpenWrt.
It’s here How to install HA on your router


I use x86 openwrt with intel Celeron 2.0GHz, 2G Ram

This is my idle Android TV box.