HA on VirtualBox - VMDK Image download file extension

The VMDK image download has a .vdmk.xz file extension. How do I use this file? Does it need to be unzipped?

Yeah. On windows you can use 7-Zip for example.

Hi I’m quite new to H.A I downloaded the 5.9 VDI image and uncompressed it with 7zip and it is showing it’s file size as 15gb is that correct the previous files I have are around 500mb? I tried on to different pc’s with the same results.

15GB sounds about right. Mine is a little over 17GB.

Thanks Jordan i ended up just installing a fresh old 3.18 version and updated it in the supervisor it’s now just over 700mb in virtual box on 32g virtual drive image. Just couldn’t see why the VDI Image is 15gb uncompressed and the VDMK image is 500mb uncompressed? If you convert the vdmk to vdi its still the same 500mb size. Ma ybe You could download the two and uncompress to see if you get the same result?