HA OS Linux Install Bootloop in virtual Machine Manager


I am new to HA and would like to try it out. However, I have had some issues getting it up and going.

I followed this video: How to Setup Home assistant on Ubuntu (supervised) from scratch as virtual machine (KVM) - YouTube

I am running a fresh install of ubuntu and I believe everything is up to date. But I get stuck in an install loop where the HA is installed, at the end of the installation it restarts the VM, then installs again. Eventually, it will drop me to a screen that says “-autoboot”.

I tried deleting that VM and creating a new one - same result.
I tried re-extracting the QCOW2 file from the compressed file, then a new VM - same result.
I tried re-downloading the compressed file, then extracting the iso from that and creating a new VM - same result.

I am a little lost at what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.