HA-OS - SSD Crash and the lengthy recovery

I have two HA-OS installations, both RPI-4, both using a SSD, some small difference in config but basically: one works fine and the other dies every few days.

I suspect a power supply issue and will buy a new one, but when the trouble-install fails:

  • I have to cycle power and every time, the file system is corrupted and there doesn’t seem a way to repair it
  • That means restoring a backup
  • The restore process does not show a progress so I just wait an hour and assume it is ready by then

Every time the above happens, it takes me 2-3 hours to fix it and that would be so much faster if I had a chance to check and repair the file system. Is there no way to do that?

Any suggestions anyone?

If I have a corrupt file-system on one of my HA instances, I connect the HDD to a debian laptop and run fsck there. Should work with an SSD too.