HA Pi upgrade 112.3 to latest possible


I have a HA installation (non docker, no hassio) that I just revived last week and I realized that couple of my integration aren’t working ( couple related to 2FA that are now in place )… anyway… I have been trying to upgrade but just cant find how and I did search the web.

I did all of this but didn’t change much.
Apt update
Apt upgrade
pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant (did seem to have upgraded couple stuff… but just not the HA itself)

I’m seriously lost and seeking for help


You’re likely running a Python 3.6 venv, and you now need to be on Python 3.8.

There’s two options:

  1. Install Python 3.8 (through packages or manually) and rebuild the venv
  2. Switch to using Home Assistant Container, which you can do by just installing Docker and compose, then pointing your new Docker install at the current config.

Would it be just easier to build from scratch with the docker on a new pi? Just wondering if this would be the smartest move

Easier is about you, but honestly, simply installing Docker (and compose) should be easy enough.

Of course, it’s likely that your OS is horribly outdated too, so a fresh build isn’t a bad idea, rather than running OS upgrades.