HA Server wont Stop

I have posted this similar problem earlier this year and have yet to find a solution. No matter by which means I try to stop HA server it almost always does a restart. I have used the web interface config/server_control/sop option as well as command ha core stop . I may have to repeat this 5-10 times before the server actually stops.

I can’t be the only person having this problem, am I?

No, you’re not the only one. I’ve had it restart instead of shutdown before. Probably should raise an issue about it.

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This tenacity seems like a desirable feature and maybe a built-in feature of HA.

Personally once I get something to start working with HA, I expect it to keep working in perpetuity and any disruptions even ones as major as firmware upgrade or OEMs related decisions just comes as “annoying”.

I view this is as the “tenacity” factor of automation without which “automation” is significantly less valuable in terms of reliability.

Have you considered plugging the HA machine to a smart switch like Kasa which gives you the ability to turn the HA machine on/off as you see fit using your phone app?

Not at all. This is an annoying bug.

Consider the case where you want to shut down the server to move it. Shutdown means shut down and stay down. Otherwise why have a Reboot option?

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The problem is I need HA to stop but keep the PI up and running so I can copy/edit/replace/etc HA files.

For example, yesterday my Smartthings integration was lost and I had to reconnect. Once done, all my ST area assignments within HA are gone. I need to stop HA and copy a backup of /storage/core.device_registry file. If I do that while HA is running, the recently copied backup file will be overwritten by HA when it restarts. That is just one example where I need make changes without HA running.

Just to be clear, I have not actually had problems shutting down the PI either with sudo halt or ha host shutdown Shutting down HA while keeping the PI up and running is my issue.