HA + Shelly1 (70 instances) - IP problem/setup recommendation

Hi Everyone,

Have had my HA + Shelly1’s through the house working great for a while, until a storm blew up my router.
The router held all the dhcp configurations and the mikrotik backup failed essentially rendering all my devices offline.

That was fine for the majority as I was able to recover IP’s from the core.config_entries file.

However this started me wondering why does HA require IP’s for the shelly1 at all, can it use the deviceID instead to connect to each?

I’ve read about people changing from MQTT to the native shelly app for a better integration, however if I’m not mistaken the native shelly app also uses IP ? All I have ever had to do was just turn on the shelly1’s and HA discovery automatically displayed it.

I have heard of people recommending enabling ‘CoIoT’ within the settings of Shelly but even on latest firmware that option is not available to me.

Is there a better way of configuring the Shelly1’s within HA than what I am previously doing or is it just a case of again, setting DHCP reservations on the router for each shelly so they remain on a permanent IP to satisfy HA requirements ?

I keep a spreadsheet of static/reserved IPs precisely in case of this scenario. It’s a while since I set up a Shelly but do think an IP is required. Not sure about using mDNS and the device id.

Maybe it’s not available if you are using MQTT?

It should be just above the MQTT setting in Internet and Security / Advanced Developer Settings:

Thanks - Found the CoIoT setting, I was using the my.shelly.cloud to view the settings, I wasn’t browsing the device’s ip directly to view its UI.

I had just assumed it was all accessible via my.shelly.cloud.

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