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HA slowly crashed


Hi, I run a HASSbian installation on my Raspberry PI3, updated to the 0.86.4 when it came out, nothing done to the system or to the files since then.
Today it started not updating some sensors, then some others, then thu UI lagged and finally got stuck in Firefox, so I decided to reboot: no SSH connection, no LAN detection. I restarted it manually and it doesn’t reboot.
I think it could be the SD card, but it seems an odd behaviour.

What do you think?

Since I have the full backup (from last monday) except the Lovelace part (it’s possible to back it up too?) do you think it’s better restart all from scratch with a new SD card?



You might check in /var/log/syslog to see what errors are being reported. And check there is still some space left on the SD card.

But other than that, a new SD card seems like a good option.


First try to do a fsck on your sd-card on an external sd-drive. Could save you a lot of time. In principle I use a tool for a periodic full-backup of the image (e.g. https://www.linux-tips-and-tricks.de/en/backup).


I checked on several machines, but only the boot partition is readable, so I reinstalled HA on another SD (much bigger). Too bad in my previous installation I forgot to mount the path for the backup, so it stopped saving my homeassistant folder last october: my fault.