HA Stopping using Modbus Device

Hello guys!

I do not know if this is the best channel to post this but I would like to register a situation that occurred with my HA:

I have in my network three devices that have the modbus tcp protocol (Siemens, Rockwell and HI Technology and Arduino).

Since I could not connect all the devices at the same time in the Home, I configured each device separately.

What I observed is that I can read and write values on all devices, but when I connect the Siemens device (S7-1200) and the Arduino (Mega with Shield Ethernet) the HA simply goes into Stop mode, it stops.

Via SSH and type the command to restart appears the message ‘service not running’.

I use raspbian with HA.

If someone has something that can be done or parameter that can be used.

I am using the version 0.64.3