HA stops reporting Kodi status after a few hours


I’m currently using HA version 0.57.2 and since 0.53 HA stops reporting Kodi status (intermittent). If I restart HA it will show the status for a few hours but after a while it stops. By then I need to restart HA, and it will work a few hours. I cannot see any errors related to Kodi in the log file.

Has anyone had similar issues or might have a solution? I need the status to be able to turn off lights when playing movies or series.

My configuration

  - platform: kodi
    port: 8080
    username: kodi
    password: kodi

Thanks in advance.

Br Qxlkdr

Anyone with the same issue or might know what it is?

Br Qxlkdr

Anyone with the same issue or might know what it is?

I’m running Python 3.5, could it be that I need to update to 3.6 in my Virtual Environment?

Br Qxlkdr


Been having the same issue for a while now, actually on mine Kodi no longer shows up at all even for a few minutes unlike yours. Still no fix yet :frowning:


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Hoping HA team finds a fix soon…

I believe this is still an issue. The status is reliable for several hours then no longer updates.

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Yup, I have 3 CoreElec boxes (ODROID C2’s) running the latest version of kodi (controlled by 3x Harmony Hub, one with receiver + speakers, one with just external speakers), this whole thing works stable (i.e. you can control each room/area with each of the 3 media_player entities + physical harmony remotes.)

The only thing that keeps happening is that one or more of my kodi entities stops updating its state. And a restart of home-assistant fixes it. (So I don’t think it’s an issue on kodi’s side.)

Change your kodi webserver to port 80. This fixed it for me. Note that you will need to run kodi as a privileged account to start the webserver on port 80.

I’m running Kodi on a Fire Stick and I won’t allow me to use port 80. Thanks for the tip though.