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HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement


I’m curious about this - what platform are you running on? -d is mentioned in the strftime documentation as being “platform specific”. I’ve run hass w/ the automation on raspbian and ubuntu (x64) and it works as expected.

That requires MQTT discovery to be enabled. It’s used in a lot of places in my example automations, and I’d strongly recommend adding that to your config. ‘binary_sensor.haswitchplate’ will be created automatically via this mechanism and is used to report to hass if the HASP device is online or not. Several of the automations will trigger based on this sensor going online to initialize the panel, so a bunch of things aren’t going to work right if you don’t have MQTT discovery enabled.



Maybe it does! I have no idea what a 503 is, and Google isn’t helping, but the enclosure design is included in the github repo and is editable with the free version of SketchUp if you want to modify it to fit your own use case.



I’m running it on a VM Ubuntu x64 but I’m using HassIO maybe thats why.

I guess I need to get MQTT discovery working correctly. :wink: I thought it was working with a prefix of homeassistant maybe the code required /homeassistant got to check.



homeassistant (no leading slash) should be the correct setting.



Yes, I think it’s working. What other sensors does it make? It looks like it is working with other auto discover devices (Espurna).



Thanks for this amazing Project

Next Year i have to renovate our Kitchen an Living room, then i will integrate a few switches :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to utilize the Nextion vis property to show/hide an object?



Yup! The Arduino sketch is mostly just passing through Nextion commands, so you can send any normal Nextion command using MQTT per the docs here.



So something like ‘[…]/command/p[1].b[4].vis’ ‘0’ or am I way off base?

Nvm. Figured it out. I’m a little slow apparently. :slight_smile: I didn’t realize that sending the page, etc wasn’t needed.

Just ‘[…]/command’ ‘vis 4,0’

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Installed into the wall in a low voltage bracket (I’m using a 5V micro-USB power supply and feed the power under the outlet cover and up the inside of the wall to it). Glad I finally did this and it works great. I had the display, ESP8266, and cover but never put it anywhere. It’s in a nice central location of my house.

I know I brought this up before and I don’t remember what the cause is, but can you @luma explain to me again why the page does a double or triple refresh when it changes pages? Thanks!

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The writeup below is still pertinent although input_slider is now input_number. The updated page flipping automation should address the issue.

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Hmmm, I have the latest pages automation yet it still refreshes the multiple times on page change. I’ve reloaded automations and restarted HA many times. In fact I’ve had that exact automation file since at least november 6th.



Hello. I have this working and its awesome. In terms of having multiple screens, would it just be a case of having the same on each screen, or is there an easy way of configuring it for multiple screens?

Would I have to have different automation files per screen?



You will need to change the value for mqttNode in the Arduino sketch to some new value, and then you can search+replace (make sure it’s Case Sensitive!) in your automations to replace “HASwitchPlate” (again - Case Sensitive!) with your new mqttNode value. Some of the automations such as HASwitchPlatePages.yaml will need a new copy that is dedicated to the second panel. Most of them could simply be modified to be triggered by messages from either panel and to publish MQTT messages to multiple panels. All automations will need to be either modified or modified+duplicated.



A thermostat “page”/tab/ui would also make sense to be added to this project…if someone is skilled with Nextions I’d be really interested :).



@luma absolutely amazing project. Just came across it today. Really well done.

I don’t have home assistant but I have a nextion that I’m using for some basic home automation and I’d love to install your enclosure in my wall.

Is the PCB available for download or can I order it directly from a pcb printing site?

I assume with the pcb and the bom I can send to a place like sunstone circuits and they’ll print the pcb and assemble everything?




Can I please get the pcb design?



Having some issues. I can change the active screen via home assistant, but everything is blank on the different boxes on most of the pages. Except for Page 2 which shows the time in the top, and day and probably the date (Can’t see since the box is too smal). When I try to change the input text/number in Hass nothing happens on the screen.

I’ve used all the code from git hub.

Any ideas?




So some people in an Arduino forum were cautioning me against doing this project as described, saying that putting something like the Mean Well AC/DC converter onto a PCB like this is dangerous because there isn’t enough clearance or something, or distance from the DC portion.

Have people installed this project in their walls without issue? Can anyone speak to the safety of how it’s designed?




this is an “at your own risk” project. steps were taken during the design of this project by the maker to mitigate or prevent issues with high voltage and low voltage in the same enclosure and right next to each other. the problem comes when trying to stuff everything in a box. things could arc, things could short, smoke and flames could happen, but that’s true for anything that uses electricity. I decided to use an external USB 5V power supply and feed the cord inside the wall up to the screen for these reasons.