HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement


Have you updated the firmware on your wemo switches?


yup they at latest there wasn’t really an update lately


I’ve just pushed an update to the Home Assistant automations package to deal with the breaking changes in 0.85 which has renamed the “met.no” weather component used by the demo automations. If/when you update Home Assistant past 0.85 and your weather is now showing you 0°F (and it’s not zero degrees in Freedom Units outside), update your packages and you should be set.


Based on the Wemo report I bought a Wemo switch and can confirm the behavior - if HASP mDNS is enabled and Home Assistant has discovery enabled, the wemo mobile app is unable to control wemo devices on the local network. If mDNS is disabled on the HASP, Wemo works. If Home Assistant discovery is disabled, Wemo works.

For the moment I’m adding an enable/disable mDNS option in the web admin panel for the next release until I can get to the bottom of this. It will break the iframe integration unless you have a regular DNS record for your HASP device somewhere.


Check the 0.85 release notes. I thought I saw something about Wemo.


HASP 0.34 release

Bug fixes and feature enhancements

ESP8266 code v0.34

  • Better mDNS handling. Avoids a bug with Wemo devices and Home Assistant discovery, and provides better device info via mDNS announcements. Also add ability to toggle mDNS on/off.

  • Add serial debug output toggle to admin page (enabled by default). It’s not doing you much good while the device is mounted in your wall anyway.

  • Add telnet debug output toggle to admin page (disabled by default). Open telnet on port 23 and show all debug output to one attached client. Client can send commands which will be sent to Nextion panel, so the project is now also a Nextion-to-Telnet gateway too. No user authentication, so this service is disabled by default.

Home Assistant Automations

  • Changed weather automations to utilize new name for ‘met.no’ after breaking change in Home Assistant 0.85.0+

  • Fixed a dumb error causing the Page 7 alarm panel automations to not work right at all

  • Move motion sensor automation to “hasp-examples” as it requires modified hardware and most people won’t be using it

ESP8266 Update Procedure

If you’re using the AutoFirmwareUpdate automation your devices should pull this update at 3:00am. Otherwise, log into the admin web page and you can pull the update from the firmware page.

Home Assistant Update Procedure

Run the deployhasp.sh script to pull down the updated automations using one of the guides below:

Links for more HASP info


Hi Luma,
with the version 0.33 I found random disconnections of the wifi.
The wifi has never disconnected with the previous version.
I load the new 0.34 and I hope the wifi is ok.
Thank you for all your work …


Thanks for all the hard work and it works great.
I am using buienradar for the weather and it works but the text is in English and i would like to have it in dutch.
Is there a way to change this?


And is there a way to change the date format and language?


That text is sent by this automation here. Change the templates to pull from your preferred weather sensor and you should get the results in the language that you see in the Home Assistant UI.


It gives me cloudy on the state so i best look for the solution at buienradar.

What about the date format?
How can i change that to dutch language and European format like date-month


"\"{{now().day ~ now().strftime('. %B')}}\""

13. January
for today


Apologies for disturbing, but is anyone aware of the measurements for Switzerland and has tried this? I am on vacation for another two weeks, so I can’t measure myself.


Finished my first install over the weekend. I had to modify the hasp enclosure to fit in an old work box that I special ordered. I used the Nextion editor and created a custom page for family locations at a glance. It look great next to the Insteon Keypadlinc and Elk M1KP2.



Are you just embedding the images on the page in the nextion editor? I haven’t played with the editor yet but this looks great. Better than trying to find webdings for everything haha.


After thinking about this some more and watching Dr. Zzs showing off his HA Switchplate stand, it occured to me that the ideal enclosure for me would be one with a plug outlet. I have something like this for my Google Home and why shouldn’t this work with the Switchplate?

Anyone tried something like this? I am a complete idiot when it comes to 3D printing and I don’t know what adjustments would need to be made to the PCB.


That’s correct. I just resized our profile photos to 60x60 px and then created picture objects. Finally, you populate the object with the index of the image. What’s nice about this method is that I can actually assign different images to the objects via MQTT for more sophisticated icons.

      - service: mqtt.publish
          topic: 'hasp/plate02/command/p[4].b[7].pic'
          payload: 4 # Image 4 in the images index from Nextion


Now that is just cool using pictures on the screen. Hey @luma think we can incorporate something like this for weather icons?


Luma, this may be a dumb question but how do you practically access pages 4-9?
Is there a pdf instruction manual of sorts anywhere. After I learn more I want to order a
couple of them from you. I am using one like Dr zZzs for right now and I love it. There is a
lot of potential to improve the WAF! Instead off “light” and “scene” buttons I wish they were
page up and page down. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.


jshank that is TOO COOL!


It may take some customizing of the page automation, but the page up and page down can be done. Way back in this thread someone did just that. basically instead of hard coding the page to display based on that button press, it just does an increment or decrement of the current displayed page number.

EDIT: I discuss it briefly here in post 436 and you can see a visual representation of it here in post 213