HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement


Just to add some flavor here - the page select buttons are 3 across because I couldn’t make my finger reliably hit the right button when they were 4 across. You can change which 3 pages are available on those 3 buttons from the web UI right in Home Assistant, that looks like this:

They directly access a specific page, because when I walk up to my HASP I don’t want to cycle through 8 pages to get to where I’m going. The design principle at work here is that interactions should be nearly as quick as interacting with a light switch. I don’t want a zillion options, because for interactions like that I have a zillion options - mobile device, tablets, PCs, etc.

None of this is to say that you can’t just add that behavior yourself, but things are they way they are for that reason. I use these mounted in my wall every day, I have other people in the house who aren’t turbo nerds, and I have worked pretty hard to make these things simple to use daily for normal people once installed.


You may have answered this previously, but is there any automation to make a “dark mode” when the sun sets? I see in your screenshot it’s black text on white background, but when it’s night out, can it invert these? I do recall seeing a backlight dimming automation with respect to sun elevation.


The backlight dimming automation can be found here: https://github.com/aderusha/HASwitchPlate/blob/master/Home_Assistant/hasp-examples/plate01/hasp_plate01_00_backlightbysun.yaml

That actually dims gradually over time, so it fires several times as the sun is setting/rising. For night mode, you could pick a time (or whatever) and then modify the 4 color sliders (selected/unselected foreground and background) and it will send the new color values to all the buttons.


I understand and appreciate all you have done. I guess that I just need to learn some more about it. Again thanks for all that you do.


I have a little problem with the alarm panel, I tried to replace in the file “hasp_plate01_p7_alarm.yaml” the entity “alarm_control_panel.ha_alarm” with what is my real entity “alarm_control_panel.allarme”, but it does not seem to work, could someone help me to understand what I did wrong or what i’m missing?
Obviously the alarm panel that I entered was already configured and with code, in fact from the HA page works without problems


Does anyone have the 3D Designs for an Australian Switch? I have seen pictures of one but havent been able to locate the stl’s?



What alarm component are you using?


platform: manual
as for demo file
could it be that my code is more than 4 number?
Yes, with a 4-digit code it works, now I just have to understand how to change the code to make it work with my number of digits.
I will continue to study the code for testing.
I was also trying out this code for the backlighting of the dsplay, but it does not seems to work, the display remains at the same brightness and if I try to turn off the backlight from the light control, it turns on again at full brightness after some time


In my attempt to repair the 0 degree issue with .85 I screwed up my original HASP settings called /master. I have reinstalled HASP as /plate01 and everything is working fine. How do I get rid of /master? I have tried everything I know but I’m no good with raspberrry Pi programming. Any help will be appreciated.


if anyone in the uk/europe is interested in this project i have 90 boards for sale, i will also be selling some premade units (price to be confirmed) (3d printed uk spec plates)

message me if interested please do not reply to this thread thanks


Do you have the plates designed? Any chance you’d share them for folks to print?


Understand that that example takes time to execute - it’s dimming the display by a small fraction every minute, to create a gradual dimming effect. If you have it enabled, and it’s currently near sunup/sundown, any changes you make to the backlight are going to be overridden by the automation at the next minute interval with wherever it is in the bright/dim cycle.


@LakeCruiser are you talking about within HA, you now have a /master and a /plate01? If so you’ll need to go into your config folder for HA and delete the /master folder inside the packages folder. Accessing your config directory for HA depends on how HA is installed. If you use docker, then it’s just whatever local folder you linked to the container as your config folder. if it’s hassio or hasbian or some other install method on RPi, I can’t help you too much as I’ve never installed that method but look for a /config folder in root maybe? Also removing it from HA may not be everything as MQTT loves to indefinitely hold onto topics that are long dead and not used anymore.


I am usIng Hassio. I removed the /master folder from packages in the config folder. I still have MASTER tab on top of the HA screen. There are still several automations left when you click on that tab. The address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8123/master is what I want to get rid of also. I will keep chipping away at it. Thanks for the response.


I watched the recording of the Dr. ZzZs stream from several weeks back and at one point, someone asked the question why Nextion was used and Luma replied in the chat, but - unlike basically everything else - Dr. ZzZs didn’t read out loud the answer. I tried searching the thread, but it’s difficult. Anyone know why the platform was chosen?


The Nextion combines a microcontroller and LCD touchscreen with a native command language that lends itself well to use over something like MQTT. Direct LCD control takes substantial effort and would be difficult to control in a usable way directly from an automation platform like Home Assistant. It would be possible, but it would require writing something like the Nextion environment from the ground up. It’s not undoable, but it’s certainly beyond my skill level.


Perfect explanation, thanks a lot!


The HASP packages under hass.io should probably appear under /config/packages/master. Delete that folder and your master pane/automations/etc should be removed.


The /config/packages/master folder has been deleted. The only thing in the /packages is /plate01 and
hasp_demo.yaml. There is still a badge that shows master connected. This all might be irrelevant as the ui will probably be going Lovelace before long and it doesn’t show up there. I just can’t find where the HASP called master has its automations stored. But again thanks for the response.


How did you fix the 0 degree issue? Popped up with the latest update for me. Is it related to the breaking change?