HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement


Do I need to update Home Assistant as well, or just the Switch Plate?


Best bet is to update everything, but you can read through the changelog to decide for yourself how you want to approach it for your situation.


Ever since I “Upgraded” to 0.36, the plate continuously locks up and resets back to the default Page 0. Any ideas?

Just wondering, how much current is required by the HASP at full brightness? After the upgrade, the back-light reset to full brightness. Once I dropped it down to 20%, I no longer seen to have the issue. I’m powering it off of an old iPhone 4s power supply.


Any logging available? Can you watch MQTT traffic and/or enable telnet on the device?


I’m sorry to waste your time Iuma, I’ve been trying to recreate the issue for over 40 minutes now without success.


Does that mean it’s working OK now? That’s my favorite kind of problem :smiley:


Yup, haven’t encountered the issue since.


what is the middle panel in that picture to the right of the ha switchplate? what did you use for that?


It’s an Insteon Keypadlinc 8, my original home automation switches and controls. They still work very well and are integrated with HA.


I like the thermostat. Would be very useful. And the fonts indeed look so much better.


Finally go my Sonoff IFan 02 to work with HA SwitchPlate :smile:
Had to edit nextion display to add button row. Then some automation to make it all work, but it does!!!

Very awesome code!!! Great project! Thank you luma!


I soldered to those connection tonight, and was able to make it work. Now I have three running on the bench. Thank you!


NICE! Might be a good time to drop a glob of hot glue or epoxy or something over that now that you have it sorted as those pads aren’t going to hold for long. Great work on the fix @mikeyroth!


has anyone tried to have a button cycle colors while a state is on? I want my plate to “flash” when my garage door is open. I figured I could send a new mqtt message set every couple of seconds to change the color. . Here is my first go. It works, just not sure it is the most efficient way. Any advice?

  - alias: hasp_test_plate_Garage_door
    - platform: time_pattern
      seconds: /2
    - platform: state
      entity_id: 'binary_sensor.test_plate_connected'
      to: 'on'
    - platform: homeassistant
      event: start
      condition: state
      entity_id: 'cover.sonoff_sv_garage'
      state: 'open'
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: 'hasp/test_plate/command/p[1].b[6].bco'
        payload: '63616'
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: 'hasp/test_plate/command/p[1].b[6].pco'
        payload: '32'
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: 'hasp/test_plate/command/p[1].b[6].txt'
        payload: '"Garage Open"'
    - delay: '00:00:01'
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: 'hasp/test_plate/command/p[1].b[6].bco'
        payload: '32'
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: 'hasp/test_plate/command/p[1].b[6].pco'
        payload: '63616'
    - delay: '00:00:01'


The only thing I’d see in there that might be redundant is the final delay call. Otherwise, it looks like it should do what you’re suggesting.


getting this error in log:
configuration variable "json_attributes" is deprecated, replace with "json_attributes_topic"

had to change sensor json attributes in hasp_plate01_00_components.yaml

from this:
- platform: mqtt
name: desk_plate Sensor
state_topic: “hasp/desk_plate/sensor”
value_template: ‘{{ value_json.status }}’
- espVersion
- updateESPAvailable
- lcdVersion
- updateLcdAvailable
- espUptime
- signalStrength
- haspIP

to this:
- platform: mqtt
name: test_plate Sensor
state_topic: “hasp/test_plate/sensor”
value_template: ‘{{ value_json.status }}’
json_attributes_topic: “hasp/test_plate/sensor”

i now the plate names are different, just wanted to share what fixed errors in my log. Figured I’d post it here if others were having similar issue. Also was discussed here


Looks awesome but i have no neutral wire in my uk light backbox :frowning:


So I just received my assembled HAswitchplate the other day and have an issue. Hopefully someone can maybe help me out on. I was able to configure it to connect to my wireless network but after reboot it seems to be stuck in some kind of loop. It will connect to my network and then try to contact my MQTT server but for some reason it cannot. It comes back with an error saying Faile to connect to MQTT - RC=6. That particular error code isn’t defined on the github page. Then the device waits 10 seconds and tries again. During this process I can not get into the web admin page to change the settings.

I guess what I am asking is what is the best way to reset back to default?


The web server should still be working while attempting to contact MQTT. Are you getting no reply back at all?


Sometimes I can, but I have to hit refresh many times to get back into it. Then once I am in as soon as I hit save the page times out and can’t connect.