HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement


I edited hasp_display1_p7_alarm.yaml and replaced entity_id: alarm_control_panel.ha_alarm with the Entity off the working MQTT alarm. But that didn’t work.

Ik Will take another look at hasp_display1_p7_alarm



I was going to see what it would take to get HASP running on the ESP32. Thought maybe using the Bluetooth for presence detection. May be a little too ambtioness considering I don’t have my 8266 up and running. Actually, I have it up, just don’t have the dot’s connected for configurations. Anyway while doing a little research, waiting on the slow boat from China, I found this video.
Watch “#168 ESP32 Dual Core on Arduino IDE including Data Passing and Task Synchronization” on YouTube

Someone who messed around on Commodore 64 then upgrading to a KayPro/CPM, I find it very interesting we are talking about parallel processing on a $5 chip.


And I’d just love to put all the forth programming I used to do to good use :slight_smile:



I found a project on thingiverse for a 3.5" Nextion display to build inside a European wall box:


Maybe someone can use this.

Gr. Remco


Did anyone manage to write a Node-Red flow for this?



I’ve got something functional but haven’t managed to keep pace with luma’s changes. Really the only big ones I don’t have working are the alarm panel and automatic backlight brightness by sunrise and sunset. The former I probably won’t get to but the latter is pretty high on my list… if I can ever get my pi to cooperate. I’ve got an Intel NUC on the way later this week since I’m tired of my pi locking up every single day or multiple times per day. HassOS has been so much worse than ResinOS ever was.

That aside, later today when I can get physical access to it so I can reboot it I’ll pull the flow out of it and post it here.


Upgraded the MQTT Add-On to 4.1 last night and both HASwitchplates became unable to connect to the broker. Restored 4.0 and all is OK. Same problem whether 88.2 or 89.1.
Have not researched yet.


Someone on Discord mentioned the same thing, and it’s impacting all their Tasmota devices too. Something is screwy with that add-on upgrade.


@luma Trying your PCB order like
It does not seem to work.
I did buy a board from you. To be honest, I just trying to personally experience the PCB “short-run”. Because yours has been printed once, I thought I would use it for my learning experience.
Do you have a new one or an updated link. I would love for you to get some credit on all the hard work you have done.


Unfortunately their referral system is broken at the moment. Nothing much for it but to wait until they fix it on their side. Thanks for trying though!


BTW here’s the current nodeRED flow. It still needs cleaning/has comments/etc. But should put you a pretty long way to getting started. As before, I avoided functions as best as I could.



Cheers ShadowDrake. Thats awesome


Actually, looks like to whole system is down.
After some searching around, I found some places that give “instance quote”.
They need dimensions, thickness, layers for a quote, I have not received the board I order from your Tindie store. I just order it today. :slight_smile:

Do you know those values off the top of your head?
If allpcb is down, who would you use next?
I sure after uploading files, they give you an exact amount. Just curious, how did you vet them?

I found this URL https://pcbshopper.com/ I was using 75 x 26 mm. Silk screening did not seem to make a difference in price.


60m x 40mm, all other options can be default with every PCB shop I’ve ever used (1.6mm FR4 board, dual sided, 1oz copper). PCBShopper is a great solution!


My first time looking at gerber files. From the pictures and the “b” and “f” in the file names, I guessing both side are silk screened?


Correct. It’s mostly cosmetic on the bottom, the top has footprint outlines that might simplify assembly.


Looking at the parts list and this image PCB Picture, what is the transistor for? Switching the display?

Also, the header to the right of the antenna? Part of the radar?
Do you have anywhere you are discussing the radar? I have one that I was going to mess with from another project and would like to play with it.


Correct on both accounts. On occasion the Nextion firmware update process fails, and when doing so, leaves the display in a hung state that requires a power cycle. This is problematic when mounted inside the wall, so I added the transistor/resistor to act as a simple low-side switch to power cycle the Nextion on every boot, allowing the user to run the update process again.

The header is there for whatever expansion idea we come up with next. I discussed using an RCWL-0516 connected to that header but found it was experiencing way too many false positives to be useful. Not certain if it was the LCD screen mounted directly in front of it, or just crappy sensors, but it for sure wasn’t usable so I scrapped that plan. That header has power, GPIO, the one analog IO port, and serial debug broken out to it for whatever purpose you might think of.


Hi Luma,

Excellent project, i’ve had one screen up and running on one setup for a while now without pcbs. Have just got my pcbs from ALLPCB and everything set up in a new HA installation with default values and have triggered the first time automation - (plate01 accesible at web address and shows mqtt connnected etc…) but Nextion display just stuck on HASP initializing, any ideas?


Check the active screen should not be 0