HA + Temp/Humidity Sensor via Esphome + Alexa


i added some HTU21d Temp/Humidity Sensors connected to a D1 Mini running Esphome to my HA. I am also using HA Cloud to connect my Alexa Devices.

Within the Alexa App, the Temp Sensors show up and i am able to get the current Temp within the App. But how the Heck can i get this via Voice Commands?

Something like “Alexa, Living Room Temperature” doesnt work. The Sensors are labeled like this.

I don’t have Alexa, but this might help.


aaah, that makes sense :slight_smile:

Really dumb, but try “Alexa, what is the Living Room Temperature temperature” I had a sensor named Outdoor Temperature and that is how I got Alexa to respond - otherwise she say “… doesnt support that”.