HA using *two* z-wave sticks (one EU and one US frequency) at the same time?

Hello !

Is it possible for one instance of Home Assistant to control two separate Z-wave networks (controlled by two separate z-wave sticks):

  • One European frequency Aeon z-wave stick
  • One US frequency Aeon z-wave stick

The reason is:

  • many of my devices are US z-wave devices
  • however, there are a few really important local EU z-wave devices (220v dimmers etc)

The way I imagined it is:

  • two z-wave networks will probably be completely independent frequency-wise
  • Home Assistance is acting as a bridge between the two z-wave networks.
    For example, a command from a US minimote is received by HA which causes HA to send a subsequent command to EU 220v dimmer.

Is that something that can be done with the current version of Home Assistant? (I am running Raspberry Pi 3 if that matters)

Disclaimer: in that EU country, nobody cares about you using the US z-wave frequency so the frequency use issues are not of importance.

I was thinking about the same then I realized that the whole 900mhz band is dedicated to 2G and 3G network and it might be some interference if I use US Z-Wave in Norway.
Are you sure you are not interfering with any other devices in your country?

@emilhetty Thanks! You are right – it is a legitimate concern but we are basically on 3G everywhere nowadays. It is 2100Mhz (UMTS2100)

I’d like to +1 to this question, because here in Russia, we struggle with the same issue, we have EU and RU frequency devices. Why would they even separate it? Whats the point…

I also want to know this!! here in chile it’s much cheaper import things from China, and there’s more EU devices in Aliexpress than US.

If you have a second rp3 you can set up another HA instance on that and then link it to the main instance using mqtt statestream


Hi Akh, did you get this working ?