HA Vera Automation Guide Anywhere?

Is there a guide anywhere? I can’t figure it out.

Like the official documentation?

That isn’t a guide. I figured it out anyway.

Glad that you got it solved :slight_smile: I could have been more helpful if you would have asked a bit more specific…

It would also be good to share what you found in order to help other people that come across the same question.

HA shows all Vera devices as entities instead of devices so I had to choose Numeric State for trigger and condition type and Call Service for action type.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to monitor whether an entity switch is on or off so I had to monitor power usage. Not ideal but works.

hi im trying out HA again and vera as zwave controller.
is it possible to create devices from entities?

its annoying because i cant place device in a room easy in GUI it will simply not sort the Vera entities even if its placed correctly as for example shelly device

Edit: and also in the automation gui device dropdown is not including entities

Playing with HA in Docker on my Synology. Got a Conbee II and some zigbee devices are working great. I am using a Veraedge for 6 years and added it in HA and discovered also that there are no devices but entities. It makes it difficult to handle in automations. With the numeric state I can use my humidity sensor as an trigger when it goes above X. But how to turn an entity ON in the action?

Maybe it’s better to buy a Aeotec z-stcik gen 5+, as I guess there are devices instead of entities?