HACS card install won't update with local code changes

I use HACS and I’ve installed a card with it. I’d like to modify the js that makes up the card, but when I do it doesn’t show any changes on the frontend. I modify the file through the file editor UI (/config/www/community/cardname/cardname-card.js), save, restart HA, clear cache, hard refresh, and no changes appear.

How can I make my changes show on the frontend?

you need to fork the card make the changes in your forked version and install your forked version via HACS.

edit 11.06.2021:
Since this post was marked as solution, I want to update the information , which is not correct and reference to the 2 posts below from the developer of hacs ludeeus. I wasn’t aware of this method.

That’s unfortunate. Might as well just skip HACS and install it manually if that’s the case.

As described in the HACS documentation, you needs to delete the .gz file in the same directory, when present the .gz file is always preferred


thanks for the information.

That information is not correct.


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Thanks for this information. I didn’t know about this. I edited my post since it is marked as solution.

ps: thanks for your great work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am also trying to make changes to a older repository. After deleting the .gz file and changing the path in the resources nothing happens…

When is the new .gz file supposed to be created?