HACS in Docker fails with "No module named 'custom_components.enums'"

I am attempting to install HACS in Docker on a Synology NAS.
I started by following the official guide by running:
wget -O - https://get.hacs.xyz | bash -
But it fails on my Synology simply because it has 7z installed instead of unzip
So I examined the script and distilled the steps down to the following…

cd /volume1/docker/homeassistant/config
mkdir custom_components
cd custom_components
mkdir hacs
cd hacs
wget https://github.com/hacs/integration/releases/latest/download/hacs.zip
7z e hacs.zip
rm hacs.zip

#restart home assistant from the web UI

After reloading HA, I can attempt to add HACS, but I get an error in the UI: “This integration does not support configuration via the UI. If you followed this link from the Home Assistant website, make sure you run the latest version of Home Assistant.”

and in the logs I get the error:

 Logger: homeassistant.config_entries
 Source: config_entries.py:745
 First occurred: 01:08:37 (2 occurrences)
 Last logged: 01:08:46
 Error occurred loading configuration flow for integration hacs: No module named 'custom_components.enums'

based on the name of that file, I’d guess it was supposed to go in the root config folder, but there is no sign of it anywhere,
Have I missed a step, or unzipped to the wrong location?

Hi GregWoods,

Did you solve this, I am in the exact same situation?


The way you write seems that you try to install it on the Syno OS whereas you should install this in the HA container

OK, You are right, did Putty into my Syno OS.
Can you guide me a bit, how did you do it?

If you are on syno then you can open docker and go to the container and from there open a bash session

Alternatively … start a bash from the syno prompt (may need sudo)
note: homeassistant_prod is my container name

docker exec -it homeassistant_prod bash

Hi vingerha,
Thanks a lot, option 2 worked great!