HACs question - What does update information do, vs Redownload

In the HACs menu, what does update information do, vs Redownload?

Update information checks if there is a newer version and proposes you to update to the newer version if exists.

Redownload means select any version you want to download.

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Update information will update the version list, but also the description you see about the integration. Sometimes a developer adds important info to the description of an integration that was not available at the time of the newest release.

And does re-download actually update the version you are running, or do you have to re-start HA or some other way to re-load the newer version?

You should always restart HA after altering an integration, also if it is a redownload

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We can easily generalize this and say that, any changes on python code requires a restart, right?

Thanks everyone.

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