Had to replace my router- now my HA is crippled! :(

Hi all,

I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to get a new router for my home internet/network. Turns out, there is too much traffic in my home, and the router provided by ISP (Actiontec T3200M) is crashing and rebooting itself, 1 to 2 times a day due to low memory, and causing temporary internet interuptions nn my home (along with my HA logs being filled that the devices and services are not available).

Since my ISP couldn’t provide a better router, they told me to get a 3rd party router and use their Actiontec router as a bridge/gateway.

Fast forward a bit, I replaced (added) a second router, Linksys WRT3200.

A little bit about my home network:

I have 3 Wifi Boosters on every floor which are hardwired to the router (via ethernet switches), and my router Wifi (both routers) are disabled as I’m using the boosters for Wifi connections.

I have Ubuntu server which acts as my MQTT broker, and several raspberry Pi which do various things to feed data to HA via the MQTT broker. I also have several local integrations that utilize Wi-Fi to communicate to the devices, not to mention API-based integrations. All raspberry pi’s and Ubuntu servers are connect via ethernet (not wifi).

Long story short, I’ve migrated to the new system using my Linksys router and most of my home is back online, but HA is still complaining about network issues and not working properly.

Some Integrations are not loading and complaining about network issues, my MQTT devices are reporting correctly to the broker, but HA is doing something weird that every second or two, the MQTT entities become unavailable, and then comes back online. Other internet-based data sources from HA are also not acting properly.

I don’t know why HA is not back up 100% It seems like internet/network connections to HA are somehow, compromised. What makes this strange is that its not like there is no network/internet at all for HA, it does work, but not everything is working.

I do have some of the important IP reserved in my router for HA, but to be honest, the router shows the IP address and MAC address for HA, but the device name is a google home hub? When I go to the actually google home hub that its referring to, the address is not the same that the router reports. When I check to see what HA IP address is in the network settings, it shows up as the same one the router is reporting for the Google Hub.

So, I don’t know if somehow, the “ipconfig” in HA and the router got mashed somehow.

This could be the reason why HA is not behaving, but I’m not certain. Does the HA network properties need to be reset, or something?

I’ve restarted the router, shutdown the devices and rebooted etc.

Any other advice, would be greatly appreciated!

I mean if both devices are assigned the same IP address, that’s going to cause you issues. unplug the google device.

No. There’s nothing to ‘reset’ really.

I’m going to guess that when you were assigning reserved IPs, some of those devices still have the old IPs? Shutdown or unplug HA and ping its IP from another computer. Does that IP address still respond?

Thank you very much @calisro

So, I did the ping test after I disconnected HA from the ethernet and it gave a ping back lol!

Ok, so clearly, the IP address I thought that was the HA instance is NOT …the funny thing, when Im in HA and go to Network, it shows me the IP address that I just pinged, so what is happening here?

Maybe I need force IP change the HA RPi, How do I actually do that (and without locking myself out)?

Sounds like 2 Devices get the same IP, causing an IP-Adress Conflict.

If you know which device is “competing” it, just restart it and normally your Router will give the device a new “unconflicted” IP-Adress.

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Exactly, Did you statically assign the ip address in the DHCP range or is it a static dhcp lease? That would be a problem. It really does sound like a ip conflict problem and why its acting wonky.

HA should get whatever IP is being given to it if DHCP is enabled and the DHCP assigned IP you have in your router to mac address.

You want an easy way out? cause a power failure and let all the devices get new IPs. The only issue you would have then is any hardware you have a real static IP on (not a DHCP static lease assigned one) which should NOT be in the DHCP range anyway. That is a problem if it is. Obviously graceful shutdowns are better. lol

Fantastic!! The problem is solved!

I was going to pull the breaker lol but the router already kinda of hinted what device it was, so with HA off, and unplug and plugged back in my a Google hub that it referred to, waited a few minutes and yes notice that the IP address all of a sudden became offline, and the new one appeared.

Turned on HA and all is back to normal and working.

I’d give this solution to both of you but i would not have thought about the pinging part!

Thanks @calisro and @The-May!